FAQ: Frequently asked questions from buyers

Do I have to create an account on Shopify to be able to buy an artwork on art4future.ch?
No, you do not necessarily have to create a profile. But you must leave your contact details during the ordering process to ensure that the artwork is sent to the right address and in order that we are able to inform you about the status of the delivery. You can create a new account or log in with an existing Shopify account, if you wish.
Is it possible to have a look at the artwork before I buy it?
As the artworks are not stored at ART4FUTURE but are shipped directly by the artist, it is unfortunately not possible to view the artwork beforehand. However, you have a 14-day right of return if it does not meet your expectations.
Does ART4FUTURE send the artwork only within the EU and Switzerland?
How is the selling price of the artwork in the online shop determined?
The selling price is determined by the artist, includes shipping costs and is exlusive of of value added tax and customs duties. 5% of the selling price goes to charitable projects which are determined by the vendor or the advisory board of ART4FUTURE. ART4FUTURE receives no additional commission.
What happens after buying an artwork?
As soon as ART4FUTURE has received the payment, we contact the artist about the purchase. The artist will then initiate the shipping as soon as possible.
What happens if the artwork was damaged during the shipping?
Please inform us by e-mail at shop@art4future.ch about the damage during the first 48 hours after you have received the artwork. ART4FUTURE will send you the contact details of the artist so you can contact them. The artist checks with the shipping agent and/or his insurance company who will pay for the damage and informs you on how to proceed. If the artwork is proven to have been damaged during delivery, you have to send the artwork back to the artist. As soon as the artists informs ART4FUTURE that the artwork has been received, we will refund the full sales price.
What happens if I want to return the artwork?
If you do not like the artwork, you can return it without explanation within 14 days of receipt of the delivery. Please contact shop@art4future.ch for this purpose. ART4FUTURE will then send you the return address. The purchase price will be refunded as soon as the vendor receives the artwork undamaged (at the latest within 14 days after the right of withdrawal has been exercised). You must pay for the shipping costs for the return.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions from artists (vendors)

How can I offer my artworks on art4future.ch?
You can contact us at info@art4future.ch and send us a selection of your work. The advisory board of ART4FUTURE will review the application and decide whether to accept or reject it. In case of acceptance ART4FUTURE will contact you by e-mail and inform you about the further procedure.
What do I need to know about the selling price of my artwork in the online shop?
You determine the price of your works yourself. Remember to include a certain amount for shipping costs, as the sales price indicated in the online shop includes shipping costs. In addition, 5% of the sales price will be donated to a charitable project of your choice.
How does the sale and shipping of artworks in the online shop proceed?
As soon as an order is placed through the online shop, you will receive a notification from ART4FUTURE with the request to send the artwork directly to the buyer’s address within a specified delivery time. Since you have already included the shipping costs in the sales price of the artwork, the shipping costs are at your expense. You are responsible for insuring the artwork yourself. We recommend choosing the postal service of the Swiss Post with the additional service “Signature” (liability limit CHF 1’500.-) or for more expensive artwork “Assurance” (liability limit CHF 5’000.-). For packages from other countries, we recommend using a similar service. It is important that the package is delivered against a signature and that you receive a delivery confirmation as soon as the buyer has accepted the package. As soon as you have forwarded the delivery confirmation to shop@art4future.ch and the buyer does not exercise his 14-day right of withdrawal, ART4FUTURE will disburse you the sales price (minus the subsidy contributions).
What happens if an artwork is damaged during the shipping?
The buyer has 48 hours after receipt of the artwork to inform ART4FUTURE about the damage. ART4FUTURE will forward your contact details to the buyer so that he/she can get in touch with you. If the damage can be proven to have been caused during the shipment process, you independently clarify with your insurance company and/or the shipping service provider who compensates for the damage and the return shipping costs. As soon as you confirm the receipt of the artwork at shop@art4future.ch, we will refund the buyer the full sales price.
What happens if the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal?
The buyer can return the artwork without explanation within 14 days of receipt of the delivery. He contacts ART4FUTURE, who will then inform her/him about the return address. As soon as you confirm that you have received the artwork undamaged, the purchase price will be refunded from ART4FUTURE to the buyer. The buyer has to pay the shipping costs for the return by himself.
What happens if none of my artwork sells within the three months of the presenting art subscription?
If one of your works sells through the online shop during that period of time, you will receive one free month of the presenting art subscription, which means that your artwork will be presented for one month longer on the website.
Your questions have not been answered yet?
Please contact info@art4future.ch.